Align B6T 2 in 1 Voltage Regulator

This is the Align 2-in-1 Voltage regulator. This unique design not only provides power to the receiver and servos it also provides an internal glow plug ignition system which eliminates the need for an external glow plug igniter. Encased in a specially designed water and fuel proof case the linear regulator virtually eliminates any interference that might affect a receiver. Highly visible LED's make it easy to see the status of the battery voltage and glow plug functions. A 2s Li-poly battery is required but not included.


Input voltage: DC 7.4V 2cell Lithium battery
Output voltage: 5.8V(Receiver/servo) 1.5V(Glow plug)
Max. continuous current: 6A(Receiver/servo) 5A(Glow plug)
Regulator size: 80x30x13.3mm
Control board size: 35x24x10mm
Weight: 53.5g (including wire set)

Condition: New
Manufacturer: ALIGN
Part Number (if applicable): AGNHE50H10