Futaba BLS256HV High Voltage High Speed Brushless Servo

The choice for 3D/scale aerobatic applications
Added cooling benefit of a metal center case
At least FIVE TIMES longer-lasting than brushed servos
30% faster response times
Greater resistance to jolts and vibration
Smoother operation
Same power consumption as brushed digital servos
Exceptionally durable gear train
Smooth dual ball bearings and strong Samarium Cobalt magnets
@ 6.0V: 0.06 sec/60°
@ 7.4V: 0.05 sec/60°
@ 6.0V: 61 oz-in (4.4kg/cm)
@ 7.4V: 70 oz-in (5.0kg/cm)
Dimensions: 40x20x37mm
Weight: 2.15 oz (61g)

Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Futaba
Part Number (if applicable): FUTM0759