2pcs 11.1V 5200mah 60C 3S Lipo Battery TRX Plug E-revo UDR Summit

A great choide for TRX Traxxas rtr vehicles with either old or new TRX connector, this connector is compatible with both,on the ESC side, but your traxxas charger needs to have the adapter to charger them, Traxxas offers one. or use a more common standard lipo charger with balance tab etc. Good specs and quality for high power brushless systems and modified performance vehicles.

NOTE : these are shipped from the warehouse and you will always get FRESH dated batteries with no storage time or shelf like. The drawback is that they will take about 10 days to get delivered due shipping regulations on lipos batteries ( no air mail).


Name: 11.1V 5200mah 60C 3S Lipo Battery
Battery type: Lipo
Number of cells: 3S
Rated Capacity: 5200 mAh
Rated voltage: 11.1 V
Discharge rate: 50C
Connector Type: TRX
Dimensions: 3044135mm
Weight: 355g

Packaging included:

2 X 11.1V 5200mah 50C 3S Lipo Batteries


Manufacturer: HB
Condition: New