I protect my plane with these Servo Safety plugs, do you?

I protect my plane with these Servo Safety plugs, do you?

Here is a new design for a servo safety plug in clear that allows you to see your servo labels at the same time. You get 10 instead of 5 for a better price!!! Works with any servo plug!

How long are you going to assume your servo plugs will stay together?

They are easier to install and remove than the previous design with the same secure holding power to make sure you servo plugs stay together.
What are you waiting for? A crash that you could have been prevented with a $0.50 cent safety Clip!!!

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10 safety clips for only $4.50 with is the best "Crash" insurance you can get.
Make sure you use them in the wings and rear of your plane, areas you can't see or check easily. Compare at $6.50. Shipping first class for $0.50

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Manufacturer: JP Products
Condition: New