Ready to fly out of the bag, but users can tap into serious computing capabilities by connecting them to Castle Link software using a Castle Link or Field Link programming card.
Comprehensive heli feature set, including direct entry governor mode, auto-rotation with bailout, and soft start capabilities to protect your gearing.
Opto isolated throttle cable helps reduce radio interference
Full data logging capabilities. Measure amp draw, controller temperature, motor rpms, battery voltage and ripple and more. Take the mystery out of electric flight!
Dimensions (LxWxH): 3.2x1.9x0.9" (81.3x50.6x23.2mm)
Weight (without wires): 2.8oz (79.2g)
Max Amps: 120 Amps*
Max Voltage: 50V - 12S LiPo or 36 Cell NiMh/NiCd

*Ratings are determined with a 5mph airflow on the ESC.

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Castle Creations
Part Number (if applicable): CSE010-0085-01