TREX 700N converted to an 800L sized, Turbine powered machine the right way.

This package is complete with ALL NECESSARY parts, components, support equipment, field equipment, safety equipment…literally EVERYTHING needed to fly this Turbine powered machine is included.

All components, (including the majority of the support components/equipment) were purchased new. Donor 700 helicopter kit un-flown, Wren 44i Turbine purchased new from the factory. Completed helicopter has been test hovered for about 8min, Wren Turbine has about 10 test starts and approximately 15min of run time.

TREX700N donor kit. (Carbon frames, linkage, hardware and landing skids were the only components used from 700N donor kit)
Wren 44i with integrated Kero start
ModellTech machined Turbine conversion kit
Align 3 blade head conversion
Align 3 blade tail conversion
TREX 800L carbon tail boom
TREX 800L Tail box
TREX 800L Torque Tube Tail Unit
TREX 800L tail boom brace and strut assembly
SAB 725 3 blade matched main blades
Align 3 blade matched tail blades
Lynx Heli main rotor shaft upper and lower frame blocks with Carbon X brace
G-force heli machined tail servo mount
KDE slant cut main drive gear
Align slant cut auto-rotation gear
Align slant cut tail drive gear assembly
KDE one-way bearing mount
KDE Direct machined elevator mount
KDE Direct machined receiver mount (used for placement of avionics and fuel solenoids)
G-force heli machined rear lower battery tray (used for in-frame mounting of Interaco fuel cell)
BavarianDEMON AXON all axis gyro
Futaba S9075SB cyclic servos
PROTEK RC 270SBL tail servo
BRS aluminum fuel tanks
Carbon tank mounts
Dreamworks INTAIRCO Intelligent air trap (provides telemetry information of fuel level to transmitter)
Futaba Optical RPM Telemetry Sensor
Futaba R7008SB Receiver
Scorpion Backup Guard (allows flight control use in case of BEC failure)
Hercules Super Mini Battery Eliminator Circuit G2 with switch
MICROHELI Adjustable triple-bearing aluminum engine block
RC Booya Quick Release Canopy Mounts
Synergy 700 modded fiberglass Canopy (white unpainted but trimmed, needs finish and paint)

JERSEY MODELER 5GAL Kerosene Fueling System (includes charger, funnels, drip case, fill caps, etc), this system has not had fuel in it…clean container, fitting and hoses throughout.
H3R Performance HalGUARD HALOTRON clean agent fire extinguisher (safe for turbine)
CHARGE CASE, dual ISDT SC-608 Smart chargers, dual power supply, adjustable voltage supply (servo, component testing, etc), internal 22.2V battery for cordless charging, sealed water resistant case. Several different types of charge cables and connectors included
Spare Hitex X1 mini charger
Spare Thunder Tiger TP610 charger
Several spare balancer boards

Futaba T18SZ (purchased new for this build), set up and ready for final adjustment. Includes charger and all associated in box accessories.
Futaba R7008SB Receiver (installed on machine)
SEAHORSE water resistant hard case with foam insert.

THREE two level parts cases, FULL of extra servos, receivers, gyros, nuts, bolts, electrical connectors, fuel line, fuel fittings, original parts, spare parts, unused upgrade parts, servo wire, stainless fasteners, etc…literally too much to list all, please look carefully at the pictures. Many components are not cheap and all come included in this deal…even the cases they are held in!
Assorted new and lightly used LIPO batteries, most are for the Helicopter BEC and Turbine power, the 22.2v is spare for the charge box…others are used for bench testing.
Original 2 blade main and tail heads with associated blades included
Original 700 tail boom with torque tubes included
Spare fuel tanks (x8)
Spare SEAHORSE large water resistant field box
RC logger complete digital pitch gauge with case and accessories

There may be more odds and ends I’m missing…but everything shown in photos are what is included so inspect carefully.

Everything is in near new condition with only a few test hovers/starts complete. No surprises here, this is a solid, well built Turbine helicopter ready for someone to take over the project.

Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Trex