BVM Electra Navy Scheme, 12s 9ER

Here's the list of all that’s included.

BVM Electra Navy Scheme, with EVF 3 12S 9ER BVM Fan
BVM Blue Electric Retracts w/Brakes
DX18 Transmitter & Case & Charger
Spectrum receiver AR9020x
Spektrum X plus8 Expansion Module
Spektrum TM1000 Telemetry
Spektrum GPS Sensor
3 Spektrum Satellites
Demon Cortex Gyro
All High End JR Servos
Efuel Power Supply 1200 watt
Cellpro PowerLab 6 1000watts
Revolecttrix Four Port MPA XH Combo with a Deans Connector and Cable for connecting to a PowerLab Charg
2 sets of Thunder Power Rampage Batteries 6600mah 70c Total of 6 batteries
1 Set Roaring Top 6600mah 70c Batteries 3 batteries
1 Set Dinogy 6600mah 65c batteries 3 batteries
1 BVM Jet Case for Shipping
1 BVM Jet Cradle

Condition: Used
Manufacturer: BVM