SurgiTel TTL PrismPro Line Loupes & Micro LED Headlamp Loupes

SurgiTel PrismPro Line Loupes w/Oakley Frames....$1,800
- Patented Award-winning Ergonomic Design; lightweight and compact, comfortable and stylish
- HIGHER MAGNIFICATION for high-precision procedures
- 5.5x – 8.0x

SurgiTel Micro LED Headlight Loupes w/Oakley Frames....$2,300
- Ultra-compact LED system totaling 9 grams
- Uniform beam with multi-lenses optics
- 8 hours on one battery charge
**2 USB rechargeable collar-style battery packs included

PERFECT CONDITION.  WHY BUY SURGITEL?  They are the lightest loupes on the market.  Significant weight reduction for all day comfort and ptented ergonomic features for best posture.  Multi-coated high definition optics and micro designed oculars for increased peripheral vision, as well as exceptional depth of field and field of view.  AN ESSENTIAL TOOL for dentists, hobbyists, jewellers, forensic investigators, art dealers, collectors, lab technicians, field biologists......much more! 

Located west near River Cree Casino, Edmonton but mobile and willing to travel. 

Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Surgitel