Information about Hobby Traders


"Clean Out Your Garage"

During an Africa Hot summer in S. Texas after about 10 years or so in the Hobby Business, we found ourselves reflecting on an annual question, "Where did all the RC stuff we sold during the Holidays and other busy times of the year go?  The customers weren't around, the racetracks weren't busy, and the forums were quiet.

We started asking around.  "Too busy, got no time, my friend broke it, can't fix it, batteries are bad, forgot about it, bored with it, kids are into video games ..."  were among the most common answers we heard.

On the other hand we learned, "can't afford it anymore, lost my job, moving, do you have a used one, couldn't find anyone to help me get it going, and I moved on to other things" seemed to be the typical responses. 

We responded by bring people together and helping them buy, sell, trade, find, and fix their used item, and by helping  them both make and save money ... conveniently ... without the hassles of auction sites ... drama of social media ... fear of open/free marketplaces, and the confusion of forums.

This site is an extension of  that need.  Welcome to Hobby Traders - a Marketplace website for people just like you, and by people just like you - The Hobbyist!